Irish Literary Papers


By former President, Rosemarie Rowley



By The Chairperson, Allan Gregory


By Professor Bernard Beatty



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Papers by former President, Rosemarie Rowley


Byron and terza rima, The Prophecy of Dante, paper given at the 37th International Byron Conference University of Vallodolid 2011: His Affinity with Joyce – A Kindred Spirit                            



Byron: His Affinity with Joyce – A Kindred Spirit                            



Byron’s Abiding Passion - His Love For The Sea






Rosemarie Rowley -



Rosemarie Rowley - Byron and Politics - Recent Books



Rosemarie Rowley - Our Friend and Poet  Tom Moore



Rosemarie Rowley -  Byron and Women - Paper Given at St. Andrews University, Scotland, 2008




Papers by Chairperson Allan Gregory


Thomas Moore’s Orientalism -  Newstead Abbey and Irish Byron Societies


Albanian Byron Conference, 14th to 18th September, 2009


Albanian Byron Society Conference



Walking Into It With Eyes Wide Shut - Irish Philhellenes in the Greek war of independence




Byron and Thomas Moore 2010-2



Byron, Catholicism and Catholic Emancipation




Paper by Professor Bernard Beatty

International Byronist University of Liverpool

Lords, Lackeys and the Blarney Stone-11

Irish Literary Papers

Irish Byron

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